Onze verontschuldigingen, dit bericht is alleen beschikbaar in het Amerikaans Engels.

The information on this site is from one of the most famous books about the New Medicine (GNM / 5BN): "The Psychic Roots of Diseases" by Björn Eybl. It was written in german and was translated into more than 10 languages already. All these translations are available as ebooks / PDFs for free, as a gift of Björn for you, for the New Earth, for a new time.
In cooperation with Björn, it is splitted on "Disease is Different" into the sections by organ systems and combined with the real cases of our international testimonial / report archive of the related organ system.


The external ear (auris externa) is made up of the auricle (pinna), the earlobe (lobulus auricula), and the outer auditory canal (meatus acusticus externus). The ear- drum or tympanic membrane (membrana tempani) marks the division between the outer ear and the middle ear (auris media). The air-filled, tympanic cavity of the middle ear, with its hammer (malleus), anvil (incus) and stirrup (stapes), is connected via the eustachian tube with the pharyngeal cavity. In the oval window (fenstra ovalis), the stirrup transmits hearing impulses to the snail-shaped cochlea of the inner ear, which is the actual auditory organ. The semicircular canal is where the sense of balance is located.

Ear – Dermis

Disfigurement – hearing

Ear – Epidermis


Ear – cartilage

Self-esteem (Hearing)

Inner ear – Vestibular System,
Semicircular Canal

Inability to control/balance,

falling conflict

Inner Ear – Cochlea

Hearing conflict

Middle Ear and

Eustachian Tube

Hearing chunk (survival)

SBS of the Middle Ear

Middle ear infection (otitis media), inflamed ear polyp1

Conflict Chunk conflict (see explanations p. 15, 16). Right ear: not getting hoped-for auditory information. Left ear: cannot get rid of an unpleasant, disturbing message or not having noticed (heard) something dangerous.
I.e., not to hear something desired or not wanting to listen something undesired. Not getting or getting rid of information. One missed hearing something or doesn’t hear something and suffered damage as a consequence.
Example A child does not get the toy he wished for.
A baby wants to hear his mother‘s voice, but that is not possible in the nursery.
The 9-year-old daughter of a 36-year-old, right-handed married woman is doing relatively badly in school. One day, the daughter‘s teacher contacts the patient and says she thinks that the child‘s schoolwork leaves much to be desired = chunk conflict. She would rather hear something else, namely that the daughter‘s work had improved > right receptive ear is affected.
Resolution of the conflict: By chance, she runs into a friend, who has three children. She tells her that she has very similar problems with her children at school. A pleasant, and healing conversation, develops during which the patient pours her heart out to her friend. Shortly after the conversation, the middle-ear infection begins. (Archive B. Eybl)
A woman learns from her girlfriend that her boyfriend was flirting with another woman = conflict, not wanting to hear this bad news (chunk conflict). In the repair phase, a middle-ear infection follows > here, the left ear is affected.
Conflict-active An increase in the functioning of the “primal-hearing cells.“ Growth of a flat-growing tumor (adeno-ca) of absorptive quality or a cauliflower-like growing tumor (ear polyp) of secretory quality – increased filling of the middle ear with “primal-hearing cells.“
Bio. function With more cells, there is better reception or rejection of what one hears.
Repair phase A normalization of function: The tumor is broken down by fungi and bacteria; tubercular caseating = middleear infection (otitis media). Swelling, pain, possibly with perforation of the eardrum or the ear polyp bulging forward in the outer auditory canal with purulent discharge, mild fever, night sweats.
Repair crisis Chills, severe pain.
Note Repeated middleear infections can harm the auditory ossicles behind the eardrum and lead to permanent hearing loss.
Questions Was this the first middle ear infection? (If no > determine the first episode, then identify the current one. If yes > a hearing conflict must have gone into the repair phase immediately before this). Which event led to the healing? (E.g., a good conversation, good news, the resolution of a quarrel – This healing event provides an indication of the conflict). What was stressing me beforehand? What couldn’t I bear to hear anymore/What couldn’t I hear anymore? Which conditioning is the cause? (Parents, pregnancy, childhood)?
Therapy The conflict is resolved. In case of recurrences, determine the conflict and conditioning.
Guiding principle: “Life‘s not always a bowl full of cherries.“ “I can‘t have everything and I do not have to hear everything.“
Lymphatic drainage.
Enzyme preparation.
MMS (see p. 68). Colloidal silver internally and externally.
Drop vermouth-chamomile decoction or olive oil in the ear and cover with a wad of cotton.
Steep mullein blossoms in olive oil for four weeks – drop into the ear.
Onion compresses: lay finely chopped onion on the ear. Cover with curd cheese.
Beat white cabbage leaves until soft and lay them on the ear. Enzyme compounds.
Hildegard of Bingen: Oily “Rebtropfen“ special recipe.
CM antibiotics make sense for short-term treatment when symptoms are acute and severe, such as at night. Possibly only a single dose. Less recommended for chronic cases (see: p.69).

Inflammation of the bone behind the ear (mastoiditis)

The inflammation of the mastoid process occurs only in the context of a middle ear infection (otitis media). No wonder, since these air-filled bone cavities are also lined with endodermal middle ear mucosa.

Same SBS as above (see above).

Phase Repair/healing. Pain, swelling, reddening. In severe cases, the pus can erupt directly through the skin behind the ear (abscess).
Therapy Questions/therapy see middle ear infection. An OP (Mastoidectomy) is rarely advisable.

1 See Dr. Hamer, Charts, pp. 18, 23

SBS of the Auditory Tube

Eustachian tube dysfunction (ETD)

The auditory tube (Tuba auditiva, short “Tuba”) connects the middle ear with the throat. This important channel enables 1) the drainage of secretions from the middle ear and

2) pressure equalization (passively when swallowing and yawning or actively by holding the nose + blowing).

The tube is a highly complex structure of cartilage, a closure system with three (!) different muscles, also incorporating mucous membrane and glandular cells. The following conflict can be derived from its function:

Conflict See the conflict for the middle ear (p. 128) with the additional aspects: Not being able to get rid of the “crap” being heard, not being able to balance the pressure of what is heard (not being able to integrate what is heard).
Conflict active Increase in function (and, in the case of prolonged conflict duration, cell growth) of the middle ear mucosa goblet cells.
Bio. function With more mucus, the “crap” being heard can be excreted better.
Repair/healing Tuberculous, caseating degradation of the thickened mucosa by fungi or bacteria. The secretion can flow into the throat or the middle ear where it may look like a middle ear infection. Swelling, pain, mild fever, night sweats.
Note In chronic cases, the mucosa of the Eustachian tube increasingly thickens > occlusion > insufficient ventilation of the middle ear > retraction of the eardrum > poor hearing = recurrent or persistent conflict.
Therapy Accompany the healing. If it is chronic, determine the conflict and conditioning and resolve.
Questions, therapy p. 129.
Warm saltwater compresses.
Inhalations, oil pulling (p. 68).
MMS (see p. 68).
Lymph drainage (see p. 68).
Kidney collection tube therapy measures p. 279.
In very persistent cases, the ENT specialist must suck out the secretions or temporarily lay a tympanic tube for the drainage of mucus.

Fluid accumulation in the middle ear (otitis media with effusion, tympanic effusion)

In this disease, fluid accumulates in the middle ear because the drainage through the Eustachian tube is blocked. Relatively common in children (often after tonsil surgery), rare in adults. Symptoms: Poor hearing, no detectable middle ear inflammation, feeling of “full ear,” little or no pain.

Two possible causes for a tympanic effusion:

1. Outflow obstruction due to inflammation/swelling in the HNO area (e.g. tonsils, nasal or pharyngeal mucosa or swelling after tonsillectomy). > Not its own SBS, but flow obstruction due to local pressure on the Eustachian tube or its opening into the nasopharynx. > Find out which structure is swollen (swelling = repair phase). > Identify conflict and, if recurring, resolve it permanently.

2. SBS of the Eustachian tube (see conflict above). If the tubal mucosa is not inflamed, the three muscles that control the valve at the exit to the throat may be playing the main role here. Therapy: see above.

SBS of the Nerve Sheath

HFs in the cerebellum – topography still unknown

Tumor of the balance (vestibular) nerve – vestibular
schwannoma – mistakenly “
acoustic neuroma“

Dr. Hamer groups the acoustic neuroma with the brain stem (see: p.128, middle ear infection), which seems correct, because the “tumor“ lies in the brainstem (although it is on the border to the cerebellum).

The reason I order this SBS, with the cerebellum – mesoderm, is because the tumor, when seen histologically, is made up of Schwann cells – thus a “nerve sheath tumor.” It grows around the vestibulocochlear nerve (balance nerve) between the cerebellopontine angle, inner ear canal and the inner ear.

Due to swelling, it can compact the vestibular (balance) nerve as well as the cochlear (hearing) nerve and trigeminal (facial) nerve.

Conflict Likely a “balance-pain conflict.” Painful/burdensome/negative information knocks one off balance.
Example One must work with a jackhammer every day.
Every time her grown daughter comes to visit, the right-handed mother hears a sermon about everything she has done wrong and what she should have done differently = balance-pain conflict. She can no longer listen to her daughter‘s harping and wishes she could have some understanding of her problems. Over the years, an acoustic neuroma develops on the left mother/child ear = activephase. The patient‘s symptoms: deafness and dizziness. The neuroma is removed through surgery. (Archive B. Eybl)
Conflict-active Growth of a vestibular Schwannoma in the cerebellopontine angle.
The longer the conflict lasts, the greater it becomes.
Symptoms: deafness on one or both sides, disturbances in the sense of balance, dizziness.
Bio. function Through the thickening of the nerve insulation, the unbearable information is blocked.
Repair phase Inflammation > worsening of the symptoms. Break down of the tumor by bacteria.
Restoration is possible, but only in the preliminary phase when the tumor is very small.
After a certain size, its degeneration is unrealistic.
The best possible scenario is a stoppage in growth.
Questions Diagnosed when? (The conflict-active phase can already have been going on for months/years). What has been putting me off balance for a long time? What do I want to block unconsciously? What am I unable to “tune out?” If these questions remain unanswered: What bothers me the most in my life and has for a long time now? Which conditioning and character traits are the cause? (E.g. oversensitivity, absence of stability)? Which ancestors are similar? What made them become like that?
Therapy Find out what the conflict and conditioning are and, if possible, resolve them. Find out where the love is – there you’ll find the solution.
Guiding principle: “I have the power to change the things that are unhealthy for me.”
If the tumor continues to grow or is already too big, an OP is unavoidable.

SBS of the Epidermis

HFs sensory function – top of cerebral cortex

Inflammation of the outer ear or auditory canal (otitis externa)

Conflict Wanting to hear something desirable or not wanting to hear something undesirable. Wanting or not wanting to have skin contact at the ear (local conflict).
Example In a long telephone call with a friend, the patient gets an “earful“ of verbal abuse. During his friend‘s diatribe, he was eating nuts. Since then, he is allergic to nuts (= trigger). One day after eating nuts, he suffers from itchy eczema in his ear during the repair phase. (Archive B. Eybl)
Someone likes it when their cat lovingly rubs their ear. The cat dies = separation conflict of losing skin contact at the ear.
Conflict-active Cell reduction in the squamous epithelium of the outer ear or the auditory canal. Scaly, dry, numb skin, lessening of sensitivity, no pain.
Bio. function Through lessening of sensitivity, the separation is more easily forgotten or the unwanted contact is “blocked out.“
Repair phase Inflammation of the outer ear or auditory canal. Replenishing and filling up of the squamous epithelium, over-sensitivity. Rash on the ear, itching ear canal eczema, scaling off of the outer skin (detritus) because new cells are pushing out from below.
Note Consider “handedness“ (right or left) and side (mother/child or partner) or local conflict.
Questions When did it begin? (Previously, a hearing conflict must have been resolved). What didn’t I want to hear? (Accusations, viscous words, criticism)? What stressed me? Did it have anything to do with a specific person?
Therapy The conflict is resolved. Support the healing. If recurrent, determine the conflict and/or conditioning. Guiding principles: “I do not expect anything.“ “I am happy with the way it is.“ “I say YES to life!“ Compresses and herbs: see middleear infection. Drops of the juice of the houseleek (sempervivum tectorum) in the ear. Sloughed off skin can lead to inflammation. Therefore, if necessary, clean the ear canal regularly with an ear bath or let the doctor clean it. MMS (see p. 68).

SBS of the Cartilage of the Outer Ear (Auricle)

Inflammation of the outer ear cartilage (auricular perichondritis), gout

Conflict Self-esteem conflict with regard to the ear or the taking in of sound + active kidney collecting tubules.
Example Somebody has a hearing impairment and can no longer follow the conversation at the table.
Conflict-active Cell degradation in cartilage, no pain.
Repair phase Restoration of the cartilage. Inflammation of the auricular cartilage. Swelling, reddening, pain. In the case of syndrome (see p. 277ff), “gout tophus“ on the auricular cartilage.
Bio. function Strengthening of the cartilage so that sound can be better absorbed.
Note With this SBS we are dealing with “gout in the ear.“ Consider “handedness“ (right or left) and side (mother/child or partner) or local conflict. E.g., partner always sits on one side and gives you an ear full.
Therapy The conflict is resolved. Support the healing. In the case of recurrences, determine the conflict and conditioning. Resolve any refugee conflict. Lay curd cheese or white cabbage leaves on the affected area. Cold compresses, cold showers. Spray the ear with tincture of frankincense or myrrh. MMS (see p. 68).

SBS of the Tympanic and the Stapedius Muscles

HFs motor function – top of cerebral cortex

Tensor Tympani

Inability to dampen the noise

Stapedius Muscle

Inability to dampen noise

Deafness caused by the tympanic muscle and the stapedius muscle

These two muscles of the middle ear tense up in order to reduce the vibration of the eardrum, thereby protecting it from high sound levels. Sometimes, explosions and the like cannot be “intercepted,“ because the reaction time is too short. Thus, these and similar sounds can hurt the inner ear and cause deafness.

According to CM, voluntary (striated) muscles are involved here (one really can tense up the ear drum when a loud noise is expected). Normally, however, the two muscles behave involuntarily, as if they were smooth muscles. It is interesting to note that they also react in the same way (as if they were involuntary muscles) in the case of a conflict.

Conflict Not being able to dampen the noise. (E.g., A wife complains constantly, someone with dementia constantly repeats the same thing, a coworker sings annoyingly the whole day long).
Examples Thirty years ago on New Year‘s Eve, a firecracker exploded next to the now 67-year-old patient = conflict of not being able to silence the sound. For four months, he had trouble hearing with the right ear = activephase with increased tension of the tympanic membrane and the stapedius muscle. After that, his hearing normalized again = repair phase. Since then, however, any loud noise – such as a truck driving by or the noise of a concert – causes several minutes of deafness = recurrence with muscle tension. Hearing tests show that the patient has excellent hearing. (Archive B. Eybl)
Someone works in a nightclub and suffers from constant noise.
Someone constantly “gets an earful“ from their partner.
Conflict-active Increase in the muscle tension (hypertonia) of the tympanic muscle and/or stapedius muscle > deafness. Permanent deafness due to persistent conflict activity > constant tension. (Behaves like involuntary muscle?)
Bio. function Damping of the sound.
Repair phase Restoration of normal hearing.
Repair crisis “Cracking” in the ear due to uncoordinated contractions of the aforementioned muscles.
Note Behavior of involuntary muscles: Could it be that those striated muscles that also operate involuntarily (for instance the diaphragm, the outer eye muscles) might react like involuntary muscles in the case of conflict?
Questions Was there a specific, extreme noise event or is something chronically annoying? (Office, particular people)? In which situations is it better/worse? (Indication of the conflict).
Therapy Determine the conflict and conditioning and, if possible, resolve them in real life. Guiding principles: “Now the noise does not bother me anymore. It could be worse. I am ready to hear everything again.“ Bach flowers (see p. 59): beech, crab apple, lymph drainage massages (see p. 68), acupuncture, acupoint massage (see p. 68).

SBS of the Dermis

HFs in the cerebellum – topography still unknown

Ear canal furuncle (otitis externa circumscripta)

Inflammation of a hair follicle in the auditory canal.

Conflict Disfigurement conflict. Conflict of feeling deformed or disfigured. Feeling disfigured by what one has heard.
Example Somebody gets verbally abused.
The patient suffers from an overproduction of earwax. The partner complains about the bad smell coming from the ear = disfigurement conflict. (Archive B. Eybl)
Conflict-active A thickening of the dermis (corium) that usually goes unnoticed.
Bio. function Better protection from disfigurement through thickened dermis.
Repair phase Inflammation. Tubercular, caseating, stinking deterioration of the tumor (pus).
Note Danger of vicious circle due to stinking ear. Sometimes histamines (see: p.167) or certain foods (see p. 88) may be a trigger.
Questions When did the symptoms begin? Which stress did I have before this? By what did I feel attacked? Is is based on my nutrition? (Trigger). Which stress did I have before the last episode of itchiness?
Therapy The conflict is resolved. Support the healing. In case of recurrence, determine the conflict and conditioning. Bathe the auditory canal or clean with an ear spoon to eliminate recurrences.
DMSO (dimethylsulfoxide), H2O2 externally.
If recurring, guiding principles: “A crystal wall surrounds me.“ “That goes in one ear and out the other.“
“I will remain in my center.”
Bach Flowers: crab apple, compresses and herbs (see middle ear infection).

SBS of the Inner Ear

HFs auditory function, lateral in cerebral cortex

Impairment due to the inner ear, sounds in the ear (tinnitus)1

Conflict Not wanting the hear something. The most common hearing impairment SBS.
Examples “What I am hearing cannot be true!” I cannot believe what I‘m hearing! This guy is pestering me!“
A youthful, 50-year-old, right-handed woman has been suffering from tinnitus of the right ear and dizziness for the last 5 days. Conflict history: The patient has a 53-year-old sister with psychological problems. Following a 4-month stay in a psychiatric clinic, her condition seems stable. Six days ago, the patient was invited by her sister to have breakfast together. She notices at once that her sister is in very bad shape again, as she constantly pokes around in her miserable past > hearing conflict: “I just can‘t listen to this anymore!“ and falling conflict: “She will never stabilize!“ To the patient, it is clear that her sister will never get out of this mess. Therapy: she tries to lay her sister‘s fate in the hands of God. (Archive B. Eybl)
A 41-year-old, right-handed man has a good position as the manager of a hotel. One day, his supervisor informs him that the hotel is about to be closed. It is clear to the patient that this means the end of his job > hearing conflict: “What I have just heard cannot be true!“ Since this point he has suffered from tinnitus in both ears. (Archive B. Eybl)
Conflict-active Reduced functioning of the inner ear = deafness and/or humming, rustling, hissing, whistling, ringing in the ear = tinnitus. This causes further hearing reduction.
Bio. function Blocking out of what is being heard through a reduced functioning of the inner ear. Tinnitus: one is warned when the same or a similar situation recurs. The tinnitus noise also helps to disrupt the unbearable quiet when someone is all alone. (The sound of the seashore in a shell provides comfort and a sense of connection).
Repair phase Often, one notices the tinnitus only after acute hearing loss: Here, there may be a chronic hearing conflict present, which just went into the repair phase (hearing loss) recently.
Sudden deafness (see ISSHL below) followed by slow recovery of hearing, hearing impairment due to recurrences or persistent repair.
Note • Tension in the neck muscles may aggravate tinnitus or even cause it.
Words, sentences or songs that repeatedly go through our heads also function according to this scheme (word – tinnitus, music – tinnitus = “stuck in the head“).
Questions For hearing impairment: since when? (Previous conflict, usually continuing up to the present). What could I no longer tolerate hearing, which situations got on my nerves? Am I resisting listening because it might hurt? (Criticism, objections)? Am I constantly transmitting and not receiving? Do/did my ancestors also have impaired hearing? Is there someone who I am similar to? (Indication of a family issue).
For tinnitus: Since when? Which sounds/which situations does my tinnitus noise remind me of? In which situations does it get worse? (Indication of the conflict). When does it get better? (Weekends, vacation or mornings, when I am together with certain people? > Indication of the conflict).
Therapy Determine the conflict and conditioning and, if possible, resolve them in real life. Guiding principle: “It‘s a good thing that I heard that, but now, it’s already forgotten.“ Disconnect-ritual: “Say goodbye“ to the hearing conflict with your heart and mind. Lymph drainage massages (see p. 68). Acupuncture, acupoint massage (see p. 68). Willfort: smoke ear with hyssop fumes. Tea: club moss, mistletoe, hyssop violets. MMS (see p. 68). Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 3% internally.
In CM, in cases of acute tinnitus, high doses of cortisone are prescribed over several days. It makes more sense to practice the so-called tinnitus retraining therapy (TRT).

Acute hearing loss (sudden deafness)2

Same SBS as above. Sudden deafness ranging from slight hearing loss to total deafness, usually in just one ear and without pain. It can affect all or only certain frequencies.

Repair phase Edema in the inner ear and in the hearing center of the meninges > short-term, severe reduction of hearing ability. In my experience, the order of tinnitus preceding acute hearing loss first isn’t substantiated very often. Usually, it is the reverse (still unclear). What is clear is that the hearing conflict needs to be determined and resolved.
Therapy The conflict has been resolved. Support the healing process. Guiding principles: “Relax, the symptoms are temporary.“ Alkaline food, lymph drainage massages (see p. 68), hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 3% internally. MMS (see p. 68). In CM, circulation stimulating, blood-thinning medication and cortisone is administered. From the view of the New Medicine, this is only sensible as a short-term treatment. Personally, I would only apply the measures described above.

1 See Dr. Hamer, Charts, pp. 141,145

2 See Dr. Hamer, Charts, pp. 141,145

SBS of the Bony Labyrinth

Otosclerosis (otospongiosis)

Ossification can affect the oval window, the round window, the cochlea or the semicircular canals. The disease pattern is usually as follows: The normally moveable stirrup bone (stapes) becomes increasingly fixed in place > less transmission of sound waves > deafness.

Conflict Self-esteem conflict that one has forwarded information incorrectly or carelessly (e.g., forgotten, misunderstood, erroneously divulged) and, in doing so, has exposed themselves or other(s) to danger. Conflict that one cannot handle coarse information – cannot integrate it.
Example Deafness following a hearing-conflict. The patient constantly hears a whistling in the ear.
The doctor tell the patient, “Something is wrong with your ear!“
Conflict-active Degeneration of the bone (osteolysis) in the bony, osseous labyrinth.
Repair phase Restoration (recalcification), pain, otosclerosis, deafness through recurrent conflict or persistent repair.
Bio. function Strengthening, to be able to better forward the sound (= the information) later.
Note The ossification could also come from recurrent middleear infections (see above). Consider “handedness“ (right or left) and side (mother/child or partner) or local conflict.
Questions When did the symptoms begin? (Conflict probably already took place months before). Which important information did I fail to forward or forward carelessly? Do I have problems with coarse/strong language? Who else in the family is similar? Similar incidents in the family?
Therapy Find out what the conflict and conditioning are and, if possible, resolve them in real life so that the persistent repair comes to an end.
Guiding principles: “I forgive myself – it must have a reason nevertheless.” “Coarseness also is a part of earthly life – I want to adapt to it and integrate it.” Lymphatic drainage, acupuncture, acupoint massage (see p. 68). Natural borax internally. Garlic and lemon juice.
With chronic condition, only a slight improvement in symptoms is expected (due to calcification of stapes). If necessary, CM surgery (implant – stapedotomy).

Hearing impairment (hypacusis)

Possible causes

Poisoning due to drugs or medication: Antibiotics, diuretics, painkillers, acetylsalicylic acid (ASA) in high doses, psychotropic, chemotherapeutic substances, anti-malaria medication, iodine (as an additive to salt, toothpaste, etc.) can cause hearing impairment.

Cochlea hearing conflict: Not wanting to hear something. In persistent conflict activity > hearing impairment due to reduced function of the inner ear and/or tinnitus. In the repair phase > impaired hearing due to edema of the inner ear (acute hearing impairment) see: p.134.

Middle ear mucosa or mucosa of the eustachian tube = hearing chunk conflict (see explanations p. 15, 16). Hearing impairment due to recurring infection. Scarring with calcium deposits in the middle ear > impaired functioning of the hearing bones. See: p.128.

Middle ear muscles: Self-esteem conflict, not being able to silence a noise. Possible hearing impairment in the conflict-active phase. See: p.135.

Bony labyrinth: Self-esteem conflict. Not being able to hear well. Impaired hearing in persistent repair or after many instances of conflict (recurrence). See: p.135.

Mechanical closure of the outer auditory canal due to ear wax (cerumen). Noticeable worsening after coming in contact with water. Upwelling of ear wax.

Determining which of these various causes is the actual one isn’t always clear. The easiest is the explanation of the middle ear SBS: Here, several middle ear infections must already have taken place. Tinnitus is a clear indication of the second possible cause.


  • Determine the conflict and conditioning and, if possible, resolve them in real life.
  • Mix dry mustard with water and paint it behind the ear (stimulates circulation)
  • Garlic and lemon drink cure.
  • Acupuncture or acupoint massage (see p. 68), lymph drainage massages (see p. 68).
  • Natural borax internally.
  • Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) 3% internally.

Ménière‘s disease (MD)

CM’s triad of symptoms for Ménière‘s disease is made up of the following symptoms: vertigo, one-sided hearing loss and tinnitus. Here, CM forms a single “disease“ out of at least two separate SBSs in different phases.

SBS of the Semicircular Canals

HFs auditory function, lateral in cerebral cortex

Dizziness (vertigo) caused by a falling conflict1

Conflict Falling or balance conflict. A person sees someone fall or falls himself. Also in
the figurative sense: to lose one‘s grip or balance. To lose the ground beneath one‘s feet. Hang in the air. Fall in a hole. “It made me fall off my seat!” “He fell down off his high horse!” Further aspect: swindle comes from the German schwindeln (to make) dizzy. Thus, this also includes the concepts (experienced passively or actively): lying, manipulation, twisting (truth), embellish/sugar coat, being unfaithful/disloyal.
Tendency to deny reality, often be flighty, absent-minded.
Example Due to her low and irregular income, the 40-year-old patient can barely afford an apartment. After hearing a lecture about the upcoming dramatic economic crisis, she has the feeling that she is losing the ground beneath her feet (= falling conflict). For two weeks, she was so dizzy that she can hardly walk or drive (= conflict-active phase). She resolves the conflict by deciding to move in again with her estranged partner. Immediately after she makes this decision, the dizziness ceases. (Archive B. Eybl)
In a 55-year-old woman, dizziness occurs whenever she cannot maintain her day/night (sleep) rhythm. She then feels off center or out of balance. When she recognizes this connection, she does not let anything, no matter how important, distract her from her planned, ideal bedtime. The dizziness subsides completely. (Archive B. Eybl)
A 62-year-old, now divorced woman experienced a financial disaster with her husband. For several months, this religious woman has been tormented by one thought: “Should I declare personal bankruptcy or not?” = conflict of losing the ground under her feet. The dizziness gets even worse when she learns that her son has been hospitalized. CM therapy with cortisone, and also homeopathic treatment, does not bring any improvement. When she realizes the connections, she uses regular meditation to “put everything in God’s hands.” By doing so, even though the bankruptcy decision is still pending, her dizziness decreases by 80%. (Archive B. Eybl)
Conflict-active Impaired function of the equilibrium organ (vestibular apparatus) > dizziness, possibly a tendency to fall. In my experience, the dizziness doesn’t always occur immediately after the conflict, but rather after the first relaxation phase thereafter.
Bio. function Dizziness causes someone to return to safe territory and avoid dangers = protection from further falls.
Repair phase Disappearance of the dizziness.
Questions 1. Side effects of medication? (Check if the beginning of the symptoms corresponds with ingestion. > Discontinue use as necessary). 2. Dizziness since when? (Conflict previous). 3. Determine if the dizziness occurred in sympathicotonia (active falling conflict) or in vagotonia (pressure on the brain – general repair symptom). Headaches? (= Indication of vagotonia). Cold/warm hands? Poor/good sleep? Appetite? Thinking in circles? If in sympathicotonia: Falls, accidents in the period in question? Lost footing/rug pulled out from underneath – by what? If in vagotonia: How did I come into the repair phase? Which stress did I have before this? Do ancestors also suffer from dizziness? If yes, what similarities in character are there? Do I want to relive this pattern or will I take the liberty to go my own way?
Therapy Determine the conflict and conditioning and, if possible, resolve them in real life. Consider “handedness“ (right or left) and side (mother-child or partner). Avoid risk & stay on safe terrain. Guiding principle: concentrate on safety in one‘s life. “Grounding“ activities such as gardening, handwork, walking (barefoot), strength training, grounding ritual, lemon-garlic drink cure. Bach flowers (see p. 59): clematis, aspen, cerato, scleranthus, honeysuckle. Tea: St. John‘s wort, mistletoe.

1 See Dr. Hamer, Charts, pp. 141,145

Dizziness – other causes

  • Poisoning with drugs or medication: Antihypertensives (beta blockers, ACE inhibitors), pain killers (analgesics), epilepsy medication (antiepileptics), tranquilizers, antidepressants, cramp releasing medication (spasmolytics), antibiotics, antimycotics (anti-fungus medication), diuretics, anti-allergy medication (antihistamines), X-ray contrast media, etc. > Due to poisoning, the human body experiences artificial stress (sympathicotonia) > “success of the medication“ > If the body neutralizes or expels the toxins later on, it actually enters a repair phase (vagotonia) > dizziness, headache.
  • Brain pressure = general healing symptom: The interaction of the eyes, balance organs (inner ear), and muscle and joint receptors, is disturbed by the swelling in the brain (brain pressure) > dizziness. See: p.67
  • Cervical spine or skull bone in the repair phase (possibly in persistent repair), space requirement reaching into the inner-ear area > dizziness, see: p.362.
  • Tumor on the hearing or balancing nerve > dizziness, see 131.
  • High blood pressure, see: p.80.
  • Hypoglycemia see: p.272.

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DateAuthorTitle and OverviewKeywords
Jeden Abend bin ich erschöpft ins Bett gefallen und konnte nicht schlafen, die Kribbelbeine haben mich nicht in Ruhe gelassen. Kinobesuche waren auch nicht erträglich, da ich dort stillsitzen müsste.
teilgelöster motorischer Konflikt, Nieren-Sammelrohr-Syndrom
This report is about the importance of letting yourself know that the situation that led to the symptoms will not happen again. I told myself directly: it will not happen again, because the people who were involved will no longer be around me.

Formation of small brown spots on the breast due to a mother's rough, painful breastfeeding experiences. And disappearance of these due to later, more pleasant experiences.
I suspected a strange car in our parking lot. As I drove closer, I saw that my parking space was free and I could park without worrying. Based on my perception, I came upon an old association with physical symptoms for a few days. The morning after, a sore throat started for 2 days. On the 2nd day there was a watery nose on the left. On the 3rd day the discharge became purulent, only on the left. Now it is the 6th day and the nose is still purulent.
Weather, perception, territorial fear
Realisation eines biologischen Konfliktes bei Schliessung der Nationalgrenzen während der Coronazeit Selbstdiagnose durch Kenntnisse der 5bN während aktiver Phase aber Symptom war irgendwann weg konfliktaktiv über viele Wochen keine Erinnerung an die Lösung
Periost Trennung brutal ungerecht
Sweaty feet for years without interruption from about 1993 to about 2009 (date of resolution no longer known) I cannot remember the origin, it developed "somehow" in my life (perhaps I wore unsuitable shoes) Daily recurrence and resolution, so to speak Termination of the splint through realization of the biological mechanism.
besmirching dirt feet stink
Once in my life, 20 years ago, I had left-sided epididymitis. As the report from many years ago somehow got lost, I'm posting it again now.
Another apparent injury that, without knowledge of the 5BN, would be misinterpreted as pure overload (and therefore often misinterpreted by athletes as "I'm getting old" / "I'm rusting").
My back pain began one weekend afternoon on a beautiful spring day, a short time after I finished changing the car tires.
back pain
The initial situation was a small accident with injuries to the front of the body, which subsequently resulted in back pain and tension.
Der erste Schlaganfall trat im Juli '17 auf. Aus dem Wissen um die 5 biologischen Naturgesetze können wir ableiten, dass es vorher eine Erleichterung bezüglich eines Bestimmten Problems gegeben haben muss. Der Schlaganfall tritt in der Heilkrise einer konfliktgelösten Phase auf in der sog. Heilkrise. Was war geschehen?
Das Symptom begann im Kindesalter am rechten Arm mit einem kleinen Fleck und weitete sich über Jahre aus. Heute bestehen die Flecken an der Innenseite der Arme und von der Achsel seitig runter zur Brust.
Vorgeschichte: Die 66 j. Frau wurde von ihrem Mann verlassen und hatte 2 Kinder. Alleinerziehend wolle sie ab 2005/06 den Lebensstandard für die Kinder aufrecht erhalten und nahm einen Kredit auf. Die Rate Betrug 300 € monatlich. Im laufe der Jahre wurde die Rate höher und sie nahm zwischenzeitlich noch mehr Kredit auf. Sie wusste, dass das alles zu viel für sie war, aber hat das immer verdrängt. ...

This video is about the causal event that led to "hay fever" and the various food allergies that gradually built on this. And, of course, the resolution by recognizing the causal connections! Congratulations on the successful resolution and many thanks for sharing this wonderfully instructive experience report (in german, but you can activate english subtitles)!
Deze casus beschrijft de genezing van een vergevorderde schildkliertumor met de reguliere medische diagnose: dood. ...en de daaruit voortvloeiende longkanker. Die we ook onder controle kregen.
This is a case that occurred in a family with three children: 6 years, 4 years and 6 months. The eldest constantly takes the infant in her arms, although the mother does not welcome it. But the six-year-old sister breaks the ban from time to time.
chunk conflict, anger, trouble; territorial threat
This is the case of an acquaintance of mine who was passing through my house. I used to even envy her because her skin was always good. But this time red spots covered her face and neck. She told me that this has been going on for more than six months now. Efforts and use of different remedies have not brought improvement...

Separation conflict, ectoderm
A student of my course asked me to help her with her symptoms. The woman thought it was a so-called fungus on her right foot (toes), it had been there for about three or four weeks. She has used the bathroom with other family members, no one has anything like this, her left foot is also fine. So the contagiousness theory has once again been defeated...

Separation conflict, ectoderm
Everyone who has a little to do with the 5BN/GNM knows this: You ask the person affected whether a solution / a relief was perceived shortly before the onset of PCLA symptoms and the answer is first: "There was nothing". For this I could make an interesting observation with myself: ...
Intellectual self-devaluation conflict
A woman (30, female hormone, right-handed) had been lactose intolerant for 15 years with symptoms of the small intestine (indigestible annoyance with the aspect of starvation).
Could it be that I am premenopausal?
Acid reflux, because something swallowed simply cannot be "accepted" and thus cannot be "digested" in the stomach.
I am called to a cat that has been vomiting its food again and again recently.
About 5 years ago I was at my daughter's school at the sports festival as a helper. I was assigned to a teacher and we both had a ward to supervise. So far, it was all fine and gave me pleasure, until I had to notice that the teacher was taking advantage of certain students - the boys. I was quite annoyed by it, but swallowed it and was glad when the whole thing was over.
When my daughter was in elementary school, about 2nd grade, I was away from home for a week and received the text message from my husband that she was very bad, 40 fevers, massive headaches. He felt reminded of his meningitis and said, maybe she had something like that now?? I was shocked and immediately demanded to talk to her and him on the phone.
Breaking off contact with an important person for 7 months. Then successful contact again with subsequent onset of symptoms (small red spots around the chest, abdomen and back). The spots appeared a little later, developed for 3 weeks and then went back again in 2-3 weeks until they disappeared completely.

A client suddenly developed pain in her right foot on a weekday at her workplace. She could hardly perform for a short time. The pain was on occurrence in the area of the structure of the heel bone and the ankle bone joint. The pain was both on stepping the foot and when the foot was flexed while walking. The pain went away in less than an hour.
heel bone hock joint
After wearing velvety-soft silk scarves, the client developed reddening of the skin with itching on the neck area, specifically on the back of the neck, not on the front. This skin reaction lasted for a day or two and then disappeared until she wore a silk scarf again. The phenomenon also occurred when she wore a pearl necklace on much rarer occasions.
"In November 2002 I began to have upper abdominal discomfort. It was a pulling, stabbing pain. At first I mistook the pain for an upset stomach and tried to do my work as usual. But within a few days the problems increased..." This report was first published by Johannes F. Mandt on the website of the Kopernikus e.V. association.
A young boy is frustrated because he is not growing taller. His mother, very new to Germanische Heilkunde, has a moment of clarity to help him resolve his conflict. She isn't aware of the SBS; she just uses Germanic New Medicine and her knowledge of his history to help him move on and grow.
11 year old wasn't growing
Gunter speaks in this testimonial video about his successful resolutions of various suture intolerances (gluten, various meats, tomatoes, peanuts, raisins, and more) based on the 5 Biological Laws of Nature. Congratulations and thank you very much for this wonderful report!
Track, resolving allergies, resolving intolerances
A sore throat sets in just a few minutes after a soothing conversation, followed by hoarseness and coughing within the next few days.
This is an 8 year old right handed girl. She was born with clubfeet. Her foster mother is my friend. The daughter always complained about pain in her feet, which had been present since infancy...
The symptoms did not appear immediately after the hamster's death, but when the boy and his mother walked past the hamster's grave site weeks after the death. He stopped there, started crying terribly and said he missed him so much...
25-year vicious cycle of pain that was treated with increasingly powerful painkillers but was considered incurable by conventional medicine. Simply by identifying the causal situation and sharing/discussing these experiences, the cycle could be broken and complete healing achieved.
Increasing reddening of the skin and scaling on the forearm after my budgie bit me there by surprise. Resolution by recognizing the causal connection.

Three years ago, the mother washed cloth diapers full of pee again and again and was disgusted by the touch on the one hand, on the other hand she did not want this situation with the children. It developed extremely dry, cracked and painful skin on the outside of the hands. Recently, there was a similar situation again, according to which the symptom reappeared within hours and was therefore very well verified.

My best friend's wife has been diagnosed with cervical cancer and peritoneal cancer and has been treated by conventional medicine. After I wanted to help and pointed out the 5BN to him, he only looked at it for a few minutes, but spent many hours searching Google for hate articles on the subject and gave me a correspondingly dramatic feedback on this alleged "death cult". For me, this feedback was the Biological Conflict ("intellectual self devaluation conflict", I thought I had found a solution/help but couldn't help, felt I was treated unfairly), as this was my first attempt to interest someone in this topic - and I absolutely did not expect such a reaction ...
After buying new shoes from a certain brand, a burning sensation was felt on the soles of both feet shortly after putting them on. The burning sensation passed, but warts appeared on the balls of the feet on both soles of the feet in the following days.
The client had already had one of the canines in a repeated repair process for a few days. When she woke up one morning, she discovered an extra swelling on this side of her face in the cheek and upper jaw area. In the mouth area, she felt a thicker, more swollen strand above the affected tooth.
A good friend and I had opinions and positions during the Corona period that could not have been more different. However, since we had not seen each other for more than a year during that time, we arranged to meet a few months later (winter 2021). At that time, his wife was pregnant. ...
"Indigestable anger" conflict, ileum, lower small intestine
Just before our vacation trip this year, we found two half-dead garden sleeper babies on our doorstep (see photos). We took them in and cared for them. Our son experienced two self-esteem collapses when one animal died unexpectedly in his left hand during a car ride - and additionally when the second animal later jumped and escaped from the same hand.

This was the most intense and obvious conflict activity that we could observe in our son so far on the basis of the compulsive thinking. We were glad to be able to proceed in such a targeted way to lead the SBS so quickly - and therefore so unproblematically - through the conflict-resolved phase.

Dermatitis, skin rash
A woman with a breast cancer in the left breast
Breast Cancer
The present case - documented with video excerpts - is about a 7-year-old boy with two phases of different tics or twitching. At the age of 5, he had a tic for about a month, during which he would always bend his knees a bit and tighten his arms. At 7, he had another tic for two months where he always extended both arms at the same time.
Tics, twitching, motor constellation
Sima talks about her successful resolutions of her birch pollen and cat hair allergies based on the 5 Biological Laws of Nature in this testimonial video. Congratulations and thank you very much for this nice report!
Track, resolving allergies
One day, blood and a thin, light-yellowish-beige secretion came out of a client's ear. The blood had a certain smell (and the cause was therefore already identifiable!). There was no pain.
"attack against the ear" conflict
In dit video-verslag legt Bianca uit hoe ze haar graspollenallergie succesvol heeft opgelost als onderdeel van de cursus met kennis van de 5BN! Gefeliciteerd en heel erg bedankt voor dit prachtige verslag
De studente kreeg een foto van haar vader, die ze nog nooit had gezien.
Een studente was getuige van een emotionele uitbarsting in een groep vrienden waarmee ze samen onderweg was. Deze uitbarsting was onverwacht en schokte de studente volledig.
Dit is een ervaringsverslag van ons gezin uit de zomer van 2022. Op de school van de jongen moest elk kind in de eerste klas een presentatie voorbereiden en geven. Voor hem was dit een enorme uitdaging in zijn nieuwe klas en hij maakte zich er weken of zelfs maanden zorgen over en bleef het maar uitstellen.
These are the testimonials (in short) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video.
Track, resolving allergies
On a day in May 2022 early in the evening, a client noticed that her mouth seemed particularly dry in the front area by the tongue, below the tongue area and to the side of it. This dryness lasted for a few hours and did not go away during this time even by drinking fluids. Only dryness was noticeable, no redness or other symptoms in the mouth area.
These are the testimonials (in brief) about the next six successfully resolved allergies of the participants of our practice course "Resolving Allergies". The reports are available as text and video (the video is in german, but has english subtitles).
Track, resolving allergies
Dit zijn de praktijkverslagen (in een notendop) over de volgende zes succesvol opgeloste allergieën van de deelnemers aan onze praktische cursus "Allergieën oplossen". De verslagen zijn beschikbaar als tekst en video.
Praktijkverslag van een jongen met een eetstoornis: Na analyse van de casus kon de therapeut slikstoornissen en spasmen van de gladde spieren bij het innemen van vaste stukken voedsel als oorzaak aanwijzen. Het eerste voorval was na een maaltijd waarbij stukjes voedsel in de keel waren blijven steken. Met een gerichte verandering van dieet voor een korte periode was de jongen in staat om de angst voor een nieuw incident te overwinnen, zodat hij weer normaal kon eten - A case report from the internat. Congres van de A.L.B.A 2011.
Een vrouw met epilepsieaanvallen met medicatie sinds haar 12e, kreeg zonder medicatie na 30 minuten een aanval.
Het geval van een Italiaanse franciscaner monnik die een oud, vervallen klooster in de uitgestrekte omgeving van Assisi herbouwde en bronchitis met allergische alveolitis kreeg nadat dit project, een levenslange droom, aanvankelijk door zijn orde werd bedreigd maar later werd goedgekeurd.
Na het lezen van twee gedetailleerde boeken, een tweedelig werk, probeerde ik een symptoom te analyseren dat al tientallen jaren regelmatig terugkwam en ook weer verdween. Parallel aan dit symptoom, dat apart werd beschreven, trad steeds weer een ademhalingsstoornis op vanuit het middenrifprogramma. De epileptoïde crisis in de herstelfase van dit programma werd goed overwonnen - met de kennis van de 5 biologische natuurwetten: Met dit begrip was het mogelijk om de nodige kalmte en kalmte te bewaren.
Op 7-jarige leeftijd stierf de moeder van de jongen, waardoor één of meer territoriale conflicten in de rechterhersenhelft werden geactiveerd. Bij familieleden werd er nu als troost harmonisch klinkende muziek gespeeld, die nu als een spoor werd gekoppeld aan deze nare situatie en de geactiveerde speciaalprogramma's. Vanaf dat moment veroorzaakte dit soort muziek onmiddellijk een depressie vanwege de rechterhersenhelftactivatie. Door de oorzakelijke verbanden te begrijpen, kon dit spoor op volwassen leeftijd worden ontkoppeld en opgelost.
Dit zijn de praktijkverslagen (in een notendop) over de eerste zeven succesvol opgeloste allergieën van de deelnemers aan onze praktische cursus "Allergieën oplossen". De verslagen zijn beschikbaar als tekst en video
De casus is een goede illustratie van hoe programma's in gang worden gezet als vervolgactivaties: Jonny hoestte met bloederig sputum. Hij zou onderzocht worden op "longcarcinoom" door middel van een biopsie. Tijdens de biopsie wordt een naald via zijn rug ingebracht. Zonder verdoving, want er was hem verteld dat het "zo snel ging, dat je geen verdoving nodig hebt".
Tijdens sportieve activiteiten zoals fietsen en bergwandelingen evenals traplopen over meerdere verdiepingen (dus. wanneer het nodig was om de benen op te tillen) Na korte tijd of enkele minuten, kortademigheid met snelle, korte ademhalingen en een "trekken" van de spieren in het linkerdijbeen.
Al 20 jaar lang komen er verschillende situaties in zijn leven voor waarin hij reageert met epilepsieachtige symptomen: Enerzijds wanneer hij schrok. Anderzijds wanneer hij sterke emoties voelde zoals angst, verdriet, vermoeidheid of euforie. En, interessant genoeg, ook en heel heftig wanneer de hamstringreflextest werd uitgevoerd tijdens onderzoeken. Zodra de oorzakelijke gebeurtenis 20 jaar geleden was gevonden, konden de symptomen met succes worden verholpen.
Een vrouw werd op een ochtend wakker met verlamming aan de linkerkant van haar gezicht: Deze aangezichtsverlamming eindigde precies zoals voorspeld drie weken na het oplossen van het conflict en het begin van de verlamming. Een casusbeschrijving op het Internat. Congres van de A.L.B.A. 2011
Een geval van dermatitis bij een jongetje, waarbij de uitslag precies op de plek verscheen waar het kind het laatst was aangeraakt toen het werd overgedragen, gepresenteerd door therapeut Marco Brazzo op het Internat. Congres van de A.L.B.A. 2011
Tijdens sportieve activiteiten zoals fietsen en bergwandelingen evenals traplopen over meerdere verdiepingen (dus. wanneer het nodig was om de benen op te tillen) Na korte tijd of enkele minuten, kortademigheid met snelle, korte ademhalingen en een "trekken" van de spieren in het linkerdijbeen. De kortademigheid was opvallender, dus er werd minder aandacht besteed aan de problemen met de spieren. Elke sportactiviteit kon daarom slechts in beperkte mate of alleen met pauzes worden uitgevoerd. Het probleem deed zich niet voor bij het sporten op vlak terrein: urenlang lopen op vlak terrein was mogelijk zonder problemen. (Opmerking: De " ademnood " wordt beschreven in een apart rapport over het middenrifprogramma) Na meer dan dertig jaar met een "gebrek aan atletische conditie", leerde ik in 2002 het model van de vijf biologische natuurwetten kennen via het dubbele boek "Legacy of the New Medicine". De beschrijving van de progressie van ziekten als een systeem van twee fasen leek logisch; doorslaggevender waren de verklaringen dat het systeem niet hoeft te worden geloofd maar vanzelf kan worden begrepen evenals de verklaringen over de activiteit van microben. Het waren deze uitspraken aan het begin van het boek die het systeem zo interessant maakten om verder te lezen en om de twee delen meerdere keren te lezen! Tijdens de tweede lezing werd het rapport over zogenaamde "gedeeltelijke verlammingen" gezien als een interessante gelegenheid om mijn eigen probleem met mijn been verder te onderzoeken. In principe, met slechts een onnauwkeurig begrip van het bifasische schema, waarbij er in het begin een conflictueus moment van schok in een levenssituatie zou moeten zijn, zocht ik naar een situatie in mijn verleden waarbij het linkerbeen op de een of andere manier "betrokken" moet zijn geweest. Deze situatie werd in eerste instantie niet gevonden. Maar toen ik terugdacht aan de vroege nachtmerries uit mijn kindertijd, herinnerde ik me dat de belangrijkste situatie in de nachtmerries was dat ik wilde wegrennen van een dreigend en naderend gevaar, wat niet mogelijk was. De benen konden niet worden bewogen. Het "trekken" in de dij van het linkerbeen was hetzelfde in de droom als het in het echte leven werd ervaren in sportsituaties. Na een nadere analyse van andere nachtmerriesituaties en met kennis van de toenmalige gezinssituatie, kwam het doorslaggevende besef dat ik een situatie als kind waarschijnlijk volledig verkeerd had begrepen en dat er nooit enig gevaar voor mijzelf was geweest. Dit besef van de situatie op dat moment was heel duidelijk en volledig zonder twijfel, diep gevoeld in mijn hoofd en onderbuik, en niet alleen oppervlakkig gevoeld. - Dat was alles wat er was en toch had dit een einde gemaakt aan de conflicten, de oplossing van de conflicten van twee programma's. Een paar weken later kreeg ik een epi-crisis in de vorm van een middenrifkramp (noot: beschreven in een apart verslag). Drie dagen later besefte ik dat het probleem met het "gebrek aan atletische conditie" niet meer bestond: Dat moment, een supermoment, toen ik de trap opliep tussen de 2e en 3e verdieping en ik me realiseerde dat de symptomen deze keer niet optraden. Normaal gesproken waren ze al verschenen op de trap naar de 1e verdieping - maar nu was er niets al een hele verdieping hoger: Geen trekken van de beenspieren, waardoor het been niet verder opgetild kon worden; en geen kortademigheid met piepende ademhaling. Dat was het moment waarop ik mezelf de vraag stelde en me tegelijkertijd realiseerde dat ik het systeem nu aan mezelf had bewezen. In de weken daarna werd dit getest op de hometrainer en opnieuw bevestigd. Fietsen, bergwandelingen en traplopen lukken nu zonder problemen en er is al jaren geen sprake meer van "trekken" aan de spieren. De ademhalingsproblemen, een reactie van het middenrif, treden nog wel af en toe op bij zeer steile beklimmingen. Analyse volgens 5 biologische natuurwetten: Het "trekken" in het bovenbeen bleek later spierontspanning te zijn in een conflict-opgeloste fase, aangestuurd door het trofisme van de musculatuur vanuit het medullaire centrum. In principe is een activering van de musculatuur, van niet goed genoeg zijn, niet voldoende kunnen presteren of een ineenstorting van het gevoel van eigenwaarde met betrekking tot de beenactiviteit aan het begin van het sporten met een snelle oplossing omdat het toch werkte en het begin van de conflict-opgeloste fase. Er moet in mijn kindertijd een situatie zijn geweest waarin ik weg wilde rennen, maar dat niet kon omdat mijn linkerbeen op de een of andere manier gehandicapt was. De veronderstelling is dat ik als kind gedragen werd en mezelf wilde duwen of ondersteunen met mijn been. De herinnering aan deze situatie ontbreekt volledig; de uiteindelijk succesvolle analyse was alleen mogelijk met behulp van de herinnering aan en analyse van mijn nachtmerries, die zich vanaf mijn kindertijd steeds weer op dezelfde manier voordeden. De ademhalingsproblemen ontstonden als gevolg van een middenrifconflict in sportsituaties door problemen met de beenactiviteit. Activatie aan het begin van de sportactiviteit van "niet kunnen ademen" en conflictoplossing met spierontspanning van het middenrif. Het middenrifspasme na het oplossen van het conflict was duidelijk merkbaar; deze spasme was echter niet volledig opgelost en komt nu nog af en toe voor.
Wat haaruitval bij paarden veroorzaakt, uitgelegd aan de hand van twee casestudies op het Internat. Congres van de A.L.B.A 2011
Een 11-jarige jongen deelde een kamer met zijn oudere broer en ervoer hierdoor een territoriummarkerings-conflict, wat resulteerde in bedplassen. Door besef van de oorzaak kon er snel en eenvoudig een reële oplossing worden gevonden door de jongen eindelijk zijn eigen kamer te geven. Het bedplassen verdween onmiddellijk.
Op de middag van de tweede vrijdag in januari 2004 begon plotseling hevige kiespijn in een kies rechtsonder; de pijn was blijvend.
Nadat ik een weekend bij kennissen had gelogeerd, ontdekte ik maandagochtend een kleine "herpes simplex labialis" op mijn linker onderlip (koortslip). Dit leende zich voor een casusanalyse volgens de vijf biologische natuurwetten. Dit model was mij toen al enkele jaren bekend.
Gehoorverlies in het linkeroor vanaf jonge leeftijd. Na tientallen jaren oplossing met ernstige middenoorontsteking: Uiteindelijk keerde het gehoorvermogen in verminderde mate terug.
Massale symptomatologie in het kader van de Corona-crisis met als oorzaak de maskerplicht en de regulier-medische "Covid-19" diagnose.
De symptomen deden zich voor in de context van de Corona-crisis, met als oorzaak de tweedeling van de samenleving. Met precies voorspelde duur van de symptomen en epi-crisis.
Ernstige hoornvliesontsteking van het linkeroog - 10 dagen conflictactieve fase met merkbare weefselveranderingen, bijv. bij knipperen - Plotselinge ontsteking vannacht - Ziekteverlof door behandelend oogarts gedurende 10 dagen - Achterwege laten van lokale antibiotica op één dosis na 7 dagen - Arts constateert letterlijk "overmatige groei" en verwijdert hoornvliessplinters
Een vrouw kwam bij me met 30 jaar chronische rugpijn. Ze had de artsen opgegeven en wilde geen pijnstillers meer slikken. Chiropractors konden haar een paar dagen helpen en dan kwam de pijn weer terug. Nadat we het oorzakelijke centrale zelfevaluatieconflict en de zichzelf in stand houdende vicieuze cirkel hadden geïdentificeerd, werkten we aan het basisprincipe en de gevoelens en losten die op - wat leidde tot een volledige genezing van haar symptomen.
Een vrouw van 40 kwam bij mij met een medisch gediagnosticeerde borstkanker. Ze had 2 adenocarcinomen en een intraductale tumor. Deze tumoren varieerden in grootte van 3 tot 5 cm. De artsen wilden een mastectomie uitvoeren en haar daarna aan chemotherapie onderwerpen. Na het begrijpen van de oorzaak en onze therapie werd ze 4 maanden later door haar oncoloog kankervrij verklaard. Geen chemo, geen medicijnen of scalpel. De oncoloog wist niet wat hij moest zeggen.
In dit verslag worden verschillende symptomen gecombineerd, omdat ze bijna allemaal de schadelijke gevolgen waren van 20 jaar huwelijk met een heimelijke narcist. Na een tweede, zeer gelukkig huwelijk, ontwikkelde ik symptomen van "borstkanker" na de plotselinge dood van mijn vrouw.
10 jaar geleden had de nu 35-jarige een baas die zijn werknemers pestte waar hij maar kon. Daar reageerde ze toen op met het ZBS van het slijmvlies van de buis van Eustachius links, d.w.z. ze moest "luisteren om het gevaar/het roofdier/..." uit de weg te gaan, wat toen dagelijks op het werk gebeurde. Toen hij haar jaren later plotseling telefonisch verraste en haar weer wilde aannemen, maakte ze duidelijk dat ze NOOIT meer voor hem zal werken en dat ze hem nooit meer wil horen, wat leidde tot de oplossing van dit oude massale conflict. De nu volgende 3 weken van ernstige symptomen waren precies te voorspellen.
Grappig, want direct gerelateerd aan mijn werk over "Ziekte is anders": medio maart 2018 merkte ik, terwijl ik in een stoel zat, dat mijn stuitje, het laagste, benige uiteinde van mijn ruggengraat, pijn deed als er druk op werd uitgeoefend. Naarmate de dagen verstreken werd de pijn erger en duurde 8 weken lang.
Mevrouw M zong in november 2018 een slaapliedje voor haar 4-jarige zoontje - haar stem was volledig functioneel. Het volgende liedje kon ze twee minuten lang normaal zingen, totdat haar stem in korte tijd plotseling verdween.
De jonge vrouw had gedurende enkele maanden steken in het hart, die gekoppeld waren aan haar menstruatiecyclus. Het laatste voorval kon als zodanig precies in de tijd worden voorspeld, omdat het ritme nauwkeurig was geanalyseerd en het onderliggende thema van territoriumverlies was afgesloten - en er geen verdere voorvallen te verwachten waren.
De heer R, van middelbare leeftijd, werd op woensdag 17.10.2018 wakker met een licht gehoorverlies van het linkeroor: Hij kon duidelijk merken, dat de lagere frequenties niet meer waarneembaar waren. Bovendien was er een diepere, duidelijk waarneembare tinnitus toon. De symptomen duurden tweeënhalve dag.
De oorzaak van het aanvankelijke ZBS was een heftig ervaren scheiding. Het ZBS werd opgelost door een later nieuw partnerschap. Vanaf dat moment begon een vicieuze cirkel van pijn en lokale vervolgconflicten. Alleen door het besef van eigenverantwoordelijkheid was het mogelijk een succesvolle strategie toe te passen om de vicieuze cirkel te doorbreken.
Een paar heeft een intieme relatie gekregen na aanraking op het topje van de vinger. Toen de betrokkene kort daarna weg moest, associeerde hij dit als een sterk scheidingsconflict op deze plek. Kort nadat ze elkaar na een paar dagen weer zagen, kreeg hij plotseling enorme pijn aan precies deze vinger - alsof iemand er met een hamer op had geslagen.
De betrokken vrouw was al ongeveer 15 jaar allergisch voor koffie. Vrijwel onmiddellijk na het drinken van koffie of het eten van voedsel dat koffie bevatte, trad zeer hevige buikpijn met misselijkheid op, die tot enkele uren kon aanhouden. Door onderzoek naar de oorzaken kon de allergie vervolgens volledig en permanent worden verholpen.
Betrokkene had sinds haar jeugd herhaaldelijk fasen van sterke, onaangenaam pijnlijke en jeukende roodheid van de huid doorgemaakt en in dit verband verschillende diagnoses gekregen, zoals eczeem, neurodermitis, allergie voor wol/verf/chloor/zon,.... Onmiddellijk na haar aanzoek volgde een bijzonder sterke, laatste conflictoplossende fase met ernstige symptomen.
Een jonge vrouw kon jarenlang geen appelsap drinken of appels eten vanwege een directe reactie van diarree. Door de oorzaak te kennen, kon de allergie met een eenvoudig experiment worden opgelost.
Territoriaal conflict op vakantie toen de schoonmaakster 's morgens onaangekondigd de kamer en slaapkamer van het echtpaar betrad. Sindsdien dagelijkse reactivering van ZBS met gevoelloosheid van het blaasslijmvlies in de kamer - en oplossing met overgevoeligheid zodra zij de kamer verlieten.
Voorspelling van een eenmalige epileptische aanval bij een tweejarige jongen, gebaseerd op observatie van het gedrag in de conflictactieve fase van het bijbehorende speciaalprogramma.
Oplossing van mijn huisstofmijtallergie met allergische bronchiale astma, die ik al bijna 30 jaar min of meer sinds mijn babytijd heb.

Een langdurige reeks van spit en rugpijn als gevolg van jarenlange pijn in de armen en het daarmee gepaard gaande vermeende "falen" op belangrijke gebieden van het leven. Beëindiging van een vicieuze cirkel van plaatselijke vervolgconflicten en rugpijn die jaren van tevoren correct was voorspeld.
Succesvolle bewuste oplossing van een allergie voor zwarte peper die al meer dan 40 jaar bestond. Gewoon door de oorzaak te kennen en bewust te worden dat het gevaar van toen niet meer aanwezig is en de koppeling van het spoor niet meer nodig is.
Bezoedelingssthema aan de duim door contact met fecaliën tijdens het verschonen van de baby.

De patiënte reageerde op een „schrikangst“ ongeval met de bronchiale slijmvliezen en ervoer een ernstige bronchitis na oplossing van het conflict. Door de exacte oorzaak te kennen, kon de duur van de symptomen nauwkeurig worden bepaald en voorspeld.
Heftige blaasontsteking na akoestische grensoverschrijding in studentenhuis. De tweefasigheid was heel duidelijk.

5 Biological Laws of Nature

German New Medicine, Germanic New Medicine, Dr. Hamer, 5BN, GNM, 5BL, 5 Natural Laws of Biology

On this page you will find an introductory video series on the New Medicine’s 5 Natural Laws of Biology (5BN), which are also known as German New Medicine (GNM).
The biological laws were discovered by Dr. med. Ryke Geerd Hamer.